Birch the Beaver Scentsy Buddy


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Busy Birch the Beaver Scentsy Buddy works as hard as he plays, and that makes him a perfect companion for your little one.

All of the other Forest Scentsy Buddies know that they can rely on Birch the Beaver Scentsy Buddy ’s hard working ways to keep their woodland home safe and sturdy. Busy Birch can also be relied upon for his ever so soft cuddles, and the sweet aromas released by his hidden Scent Pak. They’ll love the feeling of his soft fur, and the adorable buck-toothed smile he gives whenever he gets a nice big hug.

Birch the Beaver Scentsy Buddy is the hardest worker of all the new Forest Scentsy Buddies. Every morning he wakes up from his riverside lodge and sets to work, building mighty dams that make life easier for all of the woodland creatures. Busy Birch is the perfect companion for teaching your children all about power of hard work, and the comfort of cuddles. He’s covered with a velvety fur coat that takes on the aroma of the Scentsy Scent Paks you can store inside his hidden zipper pouch, making his hugs soft and fragrant.

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