Jet Set Go! Laundry Liquid


Take off with Jet, Set, Go! Laundry Liquid, a tropical vacation in a bottle. Available for purchase now from Scentsy.


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Featuring great cleaning power with a first class fragrance, Scentsy Jet, Set, Go! changes laundry day from your least to your most favorite day of the week. Juicy Brazilian orange and tender jungle papaya sweeten the deal, with tropical island vanilla adding a smooth and rich note. The pump bottle simplifies use.

Shh! Don’t tell anyone why you love doing the wash with Jet, Set, Go! Laundry Liquid by Scentsy or you may find others sharing the “chore.” Laundry day becomes highly anticipated when the luscious scent of Brazilian orange, ripe juicy papaya and island vanilla permeates the air, a tropical vacation instead of work day drudgery right in your work room. This high efficiency liquid cleans effectively with far less product than you might believe, economical as well as decadent. Although it is not quite the same as jumping on the plane, a laundry day with Scentsy is a holiday.