Layers Scentsy Clean Laundry Liquid


With a convenient pump top and pure, fresh fragrance Scentsy Clean Laundry Liquid is ready to tackle any week’s wash with gleeful abandon.

Dispenses easily and infuses your clothes, linens, towels and other washables with the one of a kind smell of a brisk, unsullied breeze. As close as you can get to the wonderful ambiance of laundry hung out to dry on a windy spring day without the extra work — or the clothesline.

Breathe deeply, transported to a day without a cloud in the sky and a gentle breeze, your entire family’s laundry immersed in the crystal clear fragrance of Scentsy Clean Laundry Liquid. The perfect wash day distilled into a bottle, revel in pristinely clean clothing and linens with each easy pump.

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