Dark Harbor Scentsy Bar


A slightly dangerous plunge into deep water, zesty and crisp with a smooth herbal finish, Dark Harbor Scentsy Bar is available for purchase today!

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Take a plunge into the intriguing fragrance of the Dark Harbor Scentsy Bar, swimming through whirlpools of tangy lime and cool, crisp mint, buoyed up by currents of ocean lavender and smooth waves of ancient amber. This is a unique combination, rich and mysterious, surprising as each layer of scent opens during the warming.

As the Dark Harbor Scentsy Bar is gently warmed the mysteries of the fragrance open up, offering a nuanced scent experience. First you experience the intriguing freshness of kaffir lime, like wavelets kissing the sandy beach at midnight, followed by a stronger surge of fresh blue-green mint. As you move deeper into the ambiance of this layered scent a rush of intoxicating herbal lavender moves in, rich with the smell of a million deep purple blooms and the ocean. Finally a smooth current of pure amber arrives, the scent of ancient cedars captured in golden droplets as the dark water pulls back from the shore.