Cinnamon Bear Room Spray


This spray features the spicy aroma of cinnamon candies – those favorite cold-weather treats that waft from pillowcase sacks on Halloween night, ready to be enjoyed.


If you loved the taste of fiery red candies and cinnamon bears as a child, you’ll love this one-of-a-kind scent! The warmth of cinnamon is given a fiery little twist, offering you a room spray that will make your guests smile. This fragrance is ideal for warming up your home’s ambiance in the cold winter months.

Set your tastebuds tingling without the eye-popping heat when you enjoy this unique room spray in your home. A dead ringer for spicy cinnamon candies like cinnamon bears, red hots and fireballs, you’ll love the extra “oomph” of spice that accompanies this cinnamon fragrance. Warm and welcoming, it’s like having a cinnamon broom in a spray.