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Ribbert The Frog Scentsy Buddy

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Unlike most other frogs, Ribbert isn’t happiest lazying around on lily pads or swimming through the swamps.

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You can help him do that by placing the Scent Pak of your choice in his back pocket. Once inside, Ribbert will be able to release dreamy and comforting bursts of fragrance whenever he’s given a hug. Your child will fall in love with Ribbert’s kind eyes and sweet expression, making him a sidekick who will be treasured for many years to come. Give the gift of froggy friendship and cherished memories with our Ribbert Scentsy Buddy!

All of the other children will be green with envy when they spot your child’s new froggy pal! Ribbert is not only irresistibly adorable, but wonderfully fragranced with the Scent Paks of your choice stored inside his back pocket. Let your child take him everywhere to surround themselves with luscious scent! This adorable amphibian feels the most at home when he’s right by your child’s side, providing everlasting companionship, loyalty, and love. But that’s not where Ribbert’s giving ends. He also lives to bring your child’s favorite Scentsy fragrances with him wherever he goes!