Corinth Scentsy Warmer


Exploring the ancient ruins of civilization’s long lost capitals will certainly awaken your adventurous spirit, but when you can’t fully indulge in your archaeological desires, you can still experience the splendor of a Greek metropolis with our Corinth Warmer. Its deep bronze color and oak leaf filigree will add classic style to your home.

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Between the legendary ancient cities of Athens and Sparta lay the still-thriving province of Corinth, home to some of early civilization’s most famous sages, philosophers and thinkers. Founded by the divine touch of the Helios’ bloodline, the age-old metropolis was destined for greatness. As a bustling capital of industry, Corinth became most well known for its fine bronze crafts. Try it with aromas like Mediterranean Spa or Ocean to bring the refreshing breeze of Greece’s shores to any room.