White Tea & Cactus Scentsy Solid Perfume


This tranquil floral note is made all the more calm by the cool, green dew of fresh cactus juice and subtle white tea. Use this pure fragrance whenever you need to soothe your restless spirit and have its gentle reassurance lead you along the way to enlightenment.

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When you’re feeling anything but relaxed, the easiest way to soothe your restless soul is by harnessing the therapeutic powers of this beautifully enlightening fragrance. No matter what stress or worries you carry upon your shoulders, gentle, refreshing notes of white tea leaves and juicy green cactus will invigorate your senses and outlook on life.

As you take your first steps out onto the barren desert, you can hear the echo of wild notes playing in the distant. Getting closer, you come to recognize it as the music of your soul, your inner song calling to you from the great open space. It is here where you can find your peace, let go of the past, and move on to a healthy new perspective that opens up a whole new world of positivity. On your journey of introspection, you’ll find a lone cactus in the midst of the wasteland, with the soft aroma of its delicate blooms drifting lightly upon the breeze.