Brushstrokes Scentsy Warmer


Streaks, stripes and a kiss of weathered wood patterning make the Brushstrokes Scentsy Warmer a work of art so lovely, it doesn’t even need a frame.

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Love stripes but long for a more modern set of colors? The Brushstrokes Scentsy Warmer brings beautiful earth tones to the table with deep bamboo green, soft cayenne red and taupe, all mingled with contrasting bands of streaked black and white. On or off, this warmer is a masterpiece that will fit right in on your counter.

A modern palette and abstract streaking turn the traditional stripe pattern into something extraordinary in the Brushstrokes Scentsy Warmer. Earthy baked taupe and a deep bamboo green dance with cayenne red and streaked black-white stripes reminiscent of beautifully weathered barn wood, wrapping this fragrance accessory in luscious color. Simple yet striking, the earthy tones on this cylinder-shaped warmer draw the eye and elevate surrounding decor, all while gently melting your favorite Scentsy fragrances in the warming dish up top.