Grapevine Scentsy Warmer


The design of our Grapevine Scentsy Warmer was inspired by the pottery relics found in the long forgotten ruins, even featuring the traditional golden base color.

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Make your get-togethers as festive as an ancient Roman feast by using our Grapevine Scentsy Warmer. Its relic-inspired design features an artfully sculpted grapevine motif, which will add color, texture, and a charmingly Romanesque style to any tabletop. A grapevine motif is expressed through the artful sculpting of entwining leaves and luscious green and purple grapes that add texture to the piece. We recommend using this Scentsy Warmer with our Dominica fragrance to fully capture the spirit of holidays and family togetherness.

As your family and friends gather inside from the cold, the winter becomes the perfect time to celebrate company and good cheer with elaborate meals and welcoming get-togethers. Once all have found their places around the table and get swept up in boisterous conversation, you can’t help but be reminded of the lively feasts at the heart of the ancient festivals in ancient Rome. The ages of the feriae were always delightful, whether the ancients were celebrating Mercatus or Saturnalia. No matter how many eras pass through civilization, the joy of communal celebrations has remained the same. Hark back to the oldest times of festivity by using our ornate Grapevine Scentsy Warmer as an eye-catching centerpiece.