Scentsy Metal Works Warmer


A strong and bold piece, the Metal Works Scentsy Warmer can play a supporting role or stand out against solid white, neutrals or bright colors.

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Industrial chic, the Scentsy Metal Works Warmer is at home in living spaces or an office or reception area. Undulating ridges simulate coiled metal, strong looking and completely captivating, making a striking fashion statement as the cubes melt. Works with many decors but is especially striking against white or bright colors.

The Metal Works Warmer from Scentsy is an eye catcher, evenly spaced raised ridges curving in an infinite pattern circling, the effect calming and mesmerizing. It is a versatile warmer, willing to blend in and emit is fragrance quietly against a darker background, adding a subtle metal-like glint from its deep bronze reactive glaze. You can choose instead to highlight the intriguing textures by placing this striking warmer where it will be surrounded by contrasts of light or color, scenting your home or office while also making a stylistic statement. Enjoy the fragrance and the decorating possibilities offered by this warmer.