Leopard Scentsy Warmer


Give your home a touch of feline frisk by using our new Leopard Scentsy Warmer to decorate any room and release sensual aromas.

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Channel your inner seductress by decorating your room with our daring new Leopard Scentsy Warmer. Its primal design is inspired by fierce felines and femme fatales, with a base of golden tan and a pattern of dark mottled leopard spots. The base is covered with a smooth coat of golden tan, then topped with a seductive pattern of dark leopard spots.

A vixen like you is able to charm anyone with your irresistible personality and sensual ways. Just like a frisky feline, you’re able to prowl through a room and catch the eye of anyone you desire. Give this seductiveness a place in your home’s style. Our new Leopard Scentsy Warmer makes a bold addition to any room’s decor. A rich background of golden tan is made daring by a pattern of mottled leopard spots, dark and primal. Vent holes just below the top rim let through a subtle, intimate glow.