Charity Scentsy Warmer


The Charity Scentsy Warmer has a stony base and is built to resemble the statuesque structure of the most beautiful houses of faith, and its embossed Spanish-style crucifix conveys the power of charity that is the foundation of so many spiritualities.

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Use our Charity Scentsy Warmer to inspire you to help others this winter, just as the churches do throughout the holidays. No matter what your faith, you’ll appreciate how this beautiful crucifix Warmer represents the goodwill and compassion that lies at the foundation of so many spiritualities. This matte Scentsy Warmer exhibits the look of rust and wear, showing that beauty shines through in everything, no matter what may have been endured.
As the winter brings its icy chill sweeping over the land, creating a spectacle of white, you can’t help but think about those less fortunate than you. Those who don’t have a warm, cozy home to return to at the end of the day, comfort to be found in the arms of loved ones next to a toasty fire, or a safe place to go where they can indulge in the holiday spirit with those who care for them. So many lost souls are left to wander alone in the cold, but thankfully, there is a place they’re always welcome. No matter what one’s religious beliefs, the churches have always extending a hand of care and compassion to those who need shelter and help. You can honor the work done by these houses of sanctuary by displaying our Charity Scentsy Warmer, and even use it as a constant inspiration to get out this winter and do your own volunteer work.