Flower Vine Scentsy Warmer


Twinkles of light undulate around the curves while darling daisy-like blooms dance up and down delicately curving stems, covering each inch in a sweetly feminine motif.


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Petal pink perfection says it all for the Flower Vine Scentsy Warmer. The soft pastel is like a breath of fresh air, even more so when Scentsy fragrances are added. Approved by grandmas, aunts, moms, best friends, brides, grads and sisters — share this charming Scentsy as a gift.

Just in time for Spring, Scentsy’s Flower Vine Warmer shows off a brand-new petal pink look, frankly feminine and ready for the sweetest Scentsy fragrances. Daisies intertwine in a carpet of spring splendor, casting a pearly pink light when the warmer is lit. Perfect for gifting mom or the bride.