Giraffe Scentsy Warmer


Give yourself the pleasure of an exotic getaway whenever you feel the need, by trying our new Giraffe Scentsy Warmer.


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Let your mind wander to destinations across the globe while you relax with our new Giraffe Scentsy Warmer. It’s great for activating our most exotic scents, with a golden cream and spotted brown base that conjures up images from one of the most wild safari sights. Its robust round base is spotted with rich brown patches over a background of golden cream, just like a Giraffe’s eye-catching coat.

Everyone needs to get away from time to time. And even though you may have enjoyed that summer vacation, you simply aren’t ready for the days of worry-free leisure to end. Make every day at home feel like an exotic getaway by using our new Giraffe Scentsy Warmer. This design was inspired by an African safari, where you can enjoy wild and breathtaking sights. The Warmer base is robust and round, featuring a pattern of rich brown patches just like those of a Giraffe’s coat. The Warming Dish sits at the top in the same earthy hue.