Introducing The Scentsy Buddy Family

There’s nothing more adorable than watching your child tote around his best stuffed friend wherever they go. Your little one depends on their toy companion to provide warm snuggles during naptime, giggles during playtime, and loyalty throughout their biggest adventures. Give your child the joy of a plush pal of their own while surrounding them with refreshing scents. Scentsy buddies become all the more lovable thanks to the sweetly aromatic Scent Paks you can place inside their handy back pockets. Both you and your child will fall in love with Scentsy Buddies!

Wellington the Duck

Little Wellington may be dressed for dreary weather in his adorable yellow raincoat, but he’s sure to bring a ray of delightful sunshine to your day! Insert your favorite cheerfully fragranced Scent Pak to help him always brighten the mood, no matter if the skies are gray.


Lenny the Lamb

When he’s not frolicking in the fields, Lenny the Lamb is here to bring your child lots of soft cuddles and the joyful scent of Spring! With Lenny’s plush wool and the wonderful aroma he releases with a Scent Pak, your child will feel like they’re always playing in a blooming meadow of fun.


Mollie the Monkey

Mischievous Mollie may be quite a fan of monkeying around, but you can be certain that she’ll be the best companion your child can have. Mollie will gladly cuddle with your little one all day long, releasing the delicious aroma of your favorite Scent Pak carried in her back pocket.


Ollie the Elephant

Don’t let his gray exterior fool you, Ollie the elephant is one of the most jolly pals your child could have! Ollie’s soft, velvety texture is made all the more wonderful by the bright and refreshing aroma that is released by your favorite Scent Pak inside. Your child will love snuggling with their new, deliciously scented buddy!


Patch the Dog

Your child will fall in love with Patch’s gruff expression and soft, cuddly fur. He’s the perfect protector during naptimes, car rides, and even going to school. He’ll even protect against bad odors with the lusciously fragrant Scent Pak you can place inside his back pocket.


Penny the Pig

Little Penny is not only as cute as a button, but the cuddliest friend your child could wish for. Her soft, pink texture is perfect for hugs, which release the wonderfully aromatic fragrances of your favorite Scent Pak inside her back pocket. Penny will bring joyful scents to your child every day.


Pooki the Polar Bear

Whenever it’s chilly, your child can depend on the ultimate cuddle buddy: Pooki the polar bear! Bundled up in his cute cap and scarf, Pooki will not only cure all wintertime blues with his cuteness, but also the festive fragrances that are released by the Sent Paks you can put inside his back pocket.


Ribbert the Frog

When Ribbert isn’t busy playing lily pad hopscotch, he’ll spend his days bringing bouncing froggy fun to your child’s playtime. The perfect companion, Ribbert’s plush exterior conceals a deliciously fragranced Scent Pak of your choosing, making him just as delightfully scented as he is cuddly.


Roarbert the Lion

While he may look proud and ferocious, Roarbert is (quite literally!) a softie. His plush, velvety fur will give your child the perfect resting place for snuggles and naps. He’ll protect your child from bad odors with the freshly aromatic Scent Pak that you can place inside his back pocket.


Sasha the Bear

Every child should experience the joy of having their own teddy bear, but cuddly Sasha is much more than your typical teddy. She releases yummy fragrances with the Scent Paks that you can place inside her back pocket, making her even more delightfully snuggly!


Scratch the Cat

His name may make him sound like a sharp and prickly character, but Scratch is the gentlest, softest buddy your child could have. His lush, cozy fur conceals a delicious Scent Pak inside his back pocket, allowing him to release delicious aromas wherever your child takes him.

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