Introducing Scentsy Solid Perfume

Now you can indulge in your favorite Scentsy fragrances while maintaining a level of balance that is the mark of true feminine sophistication. Our eight captivating scents are luscious, but never overpowering, so you’ll always be the picture of pure class and refinement. Learn more:
Luna Scentsy Solid PerfumeDreaming of having the same enchanting powers of an irresistible fairy nymph? You’ll be transformed into an irresistible pixie when you treat yourself to this feminine, spritely fragrance. Just a touch of this Solid Perfume on your pulse points will release flirtatious notes of bright berries, sandalwood, and a gathering of soft white florals.

Awakening Scentsy Solid Perfume Celebrate your unwaveringly positive spirit by choosing a new personal fragrance that embodies all of your inspiring qualities. When you use our Awakening Solid Perfume, you’ll be uplifted by the radiant aroma of bright peach and pineapple combined with the sweet, comforting notes of vanilla and amber.
Be Still Scentsy Solid Perfume Obtaining a peaceful state of relaxation is no longer only possible during your daily meditation. With our wonderfully tranquil Be Still Solid Perfume, you can transform your personal fragrance into an aromatherapy tool that will combat stress and keep you mindful all day long. Unwind with subtle notes of mandarin, violet, and sandalwood.
French Lavender Scentsy Solid Perfume After your inspiring trip to France, you can’t help but feel envious of the women’s chic, elegant style. Make it all your own by updating your personal fragrance wardrobe with this light and graceful scent. You’ll love the refined aroma of pure lavender as it settles softly upon your skin, creating a classically feminine aura.
Lucky in Love Scentsy Solid PerfumeDelight in the thrill you experienced when your love was first blossoming. You’ll fondly recall the moments when you felt the amorous rush of simply being near your sweetheart when you adorn yourself with exciting notes of mandarin, orange, bergamot, and juicy peaches and berries.

Route 66 Scentsy Solid Perfume It’s time to let your hair down and feel the breeze jet on by as you take a cruise on the open road in a shimmering new hot rod. Get fired up with the thrilling notes of zesty citrus, herbs, and musk whenever you use our refreshingly bold Route 66 Solid Perfume.
Skinny Dippin’ Scentsy Solid PerfumeReturn to simpler times, when you didn’t have so much to worry about, and life was about nothing more than carefree fun. You’ll be refreshed by a cool splash of dewey melons, crisp pears, and tart green apples. Use this fragrance to restore your youth and perk you up when you need it most.

Sunkissed Citrus Scentsy Solid PerfumeAdorn your skin with the radiance of the sun’s glowing rays when you use this endlessly uplifting fragrance. You’ll instantly feel warmed and energized by invigorating notes of orange, grapefruit, lemon, and lime. Use this resplendent aroma whenever you need a guiding light to get through the day.

Vanilla Suede Scentsy Solid PerfumeWatch out! The moment you embellish your skin with this rich, subtly masculine new twist on vanilla, your man may feel just a spark of jealousy. Bold and complex, with an unpredictable blend of vanilla, amber, spices, and rustic woods, our Vanilla Suede Solid Perfume is perfect for use by any gender.

White Tea & Cactus Scentsy Solid Perfume When you’re feeling anything but relaxed, the easiest way to soothe your restless soul is by harnessing the therapeutic powers of this beautifully enlightening fragrance. No matter what stress or worries you carry upon your shoulders, gentle, refreshing notes of white tea leaves and juicy green cactus will invigorate your senses and outlook on life.
Zeppelin Scentsy Solid Perfume Liven up your fragrance wardrobe with an unexpected wild card. The atmospheric aroma of our Zeppelin Solid Perfume will refresh you with the wild, adventurous spirit of a pure forest breeze. With notes of earthy lavender, resinous woods, and rustic suede, even your man will want to adopt this scent as his own.
Coconut Lemongrass Scentsy Solid Perfume Even if you can’t get away to the beach, you can still experience all the joy of digging your toes into the sand and soaking up the sun when you use our delightfully tropical Coconut Lemongrass Solid Perfume. Its creamy base of coconut milk will call to mind the sweetness of island cocktails, while the refreshing element of zesty lemongrass emulates the crispness of shoreside breezes.

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