Are Scentsy Bricks Back Yet?

Since Scentsy Bricks have been discontinued, I often receive confused messages from long time customers who wonder why one of their favorite products is no longer available. Many became fond of the Scentsy Brick because theyScentsy Bricks provided an abundance of wax in their most beloved Scentsy aromas at an economical price. These hefty 1 pound bricks of Scentsy wax regularly cost $20, giving users an affordable, long-lasting supply. Those that especially loved particular Scentsy fragrances could cheaply stock up, and because of that convenience, Scentsy Brick quickly became a popular product.

In 2011, Scentsy’s discontinuation of the Scentsy Brick came as a surprise for many, but it was not without good reason. The year before, Scentsy redesigned the even more popularly used Scentsy Bars, with a main improvement being its increase in size. The Scentsy Bar had previously been 2.4 ounces, but after the redesign, it grew to 3.2 ounces. The best part was that while the amount of wax in Scentsy Bars grew, the low price stayed the same, enabling our customers to get more of the scrumptious scents they love without spending more than they normally would. Scentsy Bars remained at $5 each, and were offered in packs of 6 for $25, meaning that one bar in the pack was free.

Before this change, the savings that Scentsy Bricks offered in comparison to the Scentsy Bars was substantial. But after, the savings became much less. Customers also seemed to prefer the variety that a mix and match six pack of Scentsy Bars gave them in contrast to the bulk of one fragrance that Scentsy Bricks provided. The demand for Scentsy Bricks dropped.

Scentsy Bricks gave 16 ounces of wax for $20, coming out to a cost of 80 cents per ounce. A 6 pack of Scentsy Bars totals in at 19.2 ounces of wax for $25, coming out to a cost of 76 cents per ounce. With a difference of only 4 cents in savings, it wasn’t worthwhile to continue production of the Scentsy Bricks. Not only was the value in money lost in the Scentsy Bricks, the options our 6 packs of Bars provided more value in the form of a diverse and well-rounded Scentsy experience for our customers.

However, this change doesn’t mean that you can’t continue purchasing your favorite scent in bulk. Our 6 packs of Scentsy Bars may be mixable, but you can also opt to get all 6 Bars in the same Scentsy aroma that you’ve come to favor dearly. At only $25 per pack, and getting one whole bar for free, you’ll have an inexpensive and long-lasting stock that will ensure you don’t have to worry about running out of your most beloved fragrance for months. We also encourage you to experiment a little by trying different scents. With such a value, our Scentsy Bar 6 packs give a low-risk way to try out new aromas without breaking your budget.

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