Introducing Scentsy Military Patriot Collection

You just can’t help it. Whenever the opportunity arises, you love to talk about how much you admire that special hero in your family. The one who has dedicated themselves to a cause worth fighting for, the freedom of your great country. It’s been a long, hard journey since they’ve enlisted in the military, but each step of the way has made them stronger and braver than ever before. You’re full of pride when you think about what an honorable role model they’ve become, so why not show it by making a Scentsy Warmer from our Patriot Collection a permanent fixture in your home?

This striking collection features six Premium Warmers all designed to commemorate their respective branch of the military. Nothing will make your heroic loved one feel more appreciated than being greeted by refreshing scent wafting from one of these tributary Warmers. We have Scentsy Warmers for every type of protection and service. Our Army and Marine Warmers are for the warriors that fight on rugged terrain, while our Coast Guard and Navy Scentsy Warmers are for those who defend from the sea. Guardians of the sky have our Air Force Scentsy Warmer, while the courageous officers of Canada are commemorated by our Royal Canadian Mounted Police Scentsy Warmer.

Army Scentsy Warmer

Donning their camouflage uniforms with combat boots strapped tight, members of the army always appear ready for anything. Help them relax when they’re back at home by using our Army Scentsy Warmer to release calming fragrances into the air.

Navy Scentsy Warmer

A naval officer in their full dress whites is a sight to behold. Looking sharp and full of integrity, you know that you can count on these heroes to put our country’s safety above all else. Pay tribute to the dutiful members of the U.S. Navy by decorating your home with our Navy Scentsy Warmer.

Air Force Scentsy Warmer

As they ascend into the clouds, the warriors of the sky put their lives on the line to protect our nation from above. Honor their valiant service by making our Air Force Scentsy Warmer the centerpiece for your reception once they return home.

Marine Scentsy Warmer

Because they’re the first to fight, U.S. Marines have to be tough and fearless. They carry a great responsibility with dignity and pride. Show that you share that pride in them by using our Marine Scentsy Warmer to decorate your home and release appealing fragrance into the air.

Coast Guard Scentsy Warmer

Our nation’s coasts are home to some of our greatests cities, making them vulnerable borders that must be firmly protected. The members of our Coast Guard always have a watchful eye, ensuring our safety from sea. Honor them by using our handsome Coast Guard Scentsy Warmer.

Royal Canadian Mounted Police Scentsy Warmer

Every Canadian feels a swelling of pride and respect when they meet an officer of the Royal Canadian Mounted Police. Known all over the world as a symbol of bravery and the country itself, they’re honored icons. Pay tribute by using our Royal Canadian Mounted Police Scentsy Warmer.

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