Introducing Scentsy Plug In Warmers Groovy Collection

The Scentsy Groovy collection warmers are gently curved with a high-gloss base, a fluted top and horizontal lines. Their subtle yet very eye-catching designs make them an ideal addition to the decor of a room as they do not over power the other elements in the room. They simple add a pop of color where and when needed.

The Scentsy Groovy Collection consists of four plug-in warmers with neutral colors. All plug-ins in this collection have grooved details and flirty shapes. These warmers are great for any room as the neutral colors blend well and even add to the decor. The four lamps are: Groovy Black, Groovy Brown, Groovy Rust, and Groovy White.

The Scentsy Plug in warmers have a detachable base that allows for the quick and easy changing of fragrances. They are approximately 3″ in width and 3.5″ in height without the plug.

The warmers use a Scentsy plug in 15 watt light bulb that melts the scented wax tart easily and safely. Groovy collection warmers are made of high-end materials, and special attention was given to the finer details of the design.

What’s Inside

The Scentsy Groovy Collection of Plug in warmers package contains several simple pieces that are easy to fit together. The package contains a 15 watt bulb, the groovy ceramic warmer, a plug in base and a screw along with a set of easy to follow instructions. The lamp is assembled by simply screwing the light bulb to the bottom of the ceramic top then adding your scented candle.

Available Fragrances

There are over 80 amazing Scentsy fragrances to select from, and they are all flame-free, wickless candles. Enjoy fragrances from the spa collection while you shower, or flood your bedroom with a fragrance from the romance collection. There are so many great choices with Scentsy fragrances and each candle can last up to 80 hours. The wax is melted by the low-watt bulb which eliminates any threat of a fire.

Scentsy’s Groovy Collection Warmers are Child-Friendly

The Groovy Collection Scentsy Plug in warmers are very child-friendly, eliminating any worry about the kids burning themselves or starting a fire. The melted wax is warm to the touch and will not burn the skin. The Groovy Collection warmers will be one of the smallest, but best household friend you’ll ever have.

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