Introducing Scentsy Layers Collection

Scentsy is already famous for bringing you hundreds of captivating aromas to enjoy in countless ways, but we’re revolutionizing the way you use personal fragrance with our newLayers by Scentsy product line. The key to using our Scentsy Layers collection is to combine them with each other in order to build up a lusciously intense scent experience that will last all day long. Begin when you wash by using our shower gels and creams, then moisturize with our butters and lotions. Add the finishing touch with perfumes and sprays. You can even fragrance your clothes with our luxurious laundry products!


Shower Creams

Indulge in the luxury of our Layers by Scentsy lusciously fragranced shower creams. Their rich, silky formula is enriched with skin-softening ingredients and powerful scents designed to leave a light layer for building upon with our many other similar products. But beware, they’re so good, you may never want to leave the shower!


Shower Gels

Enjoy the refreshment of your favorite Layers by Scentsy cleansing shower gel as a part of your daily routine. After washing, your skin will be covered in a light layer of enchanting fragrance that you can intensify or combine with the other fragrant products from our Layers collection.


Washer Whiffs

For when you truly can’t get enough of your favorite Layers aroma, Scentsy has created sweetly potent Washer Whiffs for fragrancing your laundry. Simply toss a capful in the washer with unscented detergent, and your clothing will come out smelling absolutely heavenly.


Dryer Disks

If you love infusing your clothes with luscious Layers fragrances with our Washer Whiffs, you’ll adore using our incredible Dryer Disks to intensify the scents. Simply toss them in with your clothes before starting the dryer, they’ll come out richly aromatic and free of style-cramping static.


Hand Creams

Every woman knows that no man can resist soft, touchable hands. With our lushly moisturizing Hand Creams, your hands will instantly be smoother than velvet and lightly scented with a refreshing burst of your favorite Layers fragrance.


Body Sprays

When you’re looking to refresh yourself and revive your Layers fragrance throughout the day, simply spritz the fine, cooling mist of one of our Layers Body Sprays. You’ll instantly feel vivified by the invigorating cloud of luscious scent and be left longing for more, making our Body Sprays quite addictive!


Solid Perfumes

A woman of class knows that the key to wearing perfume is to never overpower others with your fragrance, but always leave them wishing you were around so they can enjoy it. With our sophisticated Solid Perfumes, you can keep your Layers scent close to your skin, creating an aura of enchanting aroma around you only a privileged few get to experience.


Body Butters

When your dry skin needs some serious therapy, you can treat it to our smooth, creamy Body Butters. Its skin-quenching formula is full of rich nutrients and hydrators that also help your favorite Layers fragrance cling to your skin without fading.


Body Lotions

Now you can cover your body in a silky coating of sweetly aromatic hydration with our skin-softening Body Lotions. Use them from head to toe in order to provide a lush base for all of your other favorite Layers products, such as our Solid Perfumes and Body Sprays.


Layers Cost-Saving Bundle Multipacks

The key to using the Scentsy Layers collection is to combine multiple products for a rich and intense fragrance experience. By purchasing your favorite products in our Bundle Multipacks, you’ll enjoy major savings and a generous helping of your most beloved aromas.


Bath Tablets

Already a part of your pampering routine, Scentsy has stepped it up to a whole new level. With the debut of our refreshing bath tablets, you’ll now be able to enjoy the skin-tingling fizz of gentle bubbles as they release your favorite aromas into the bathwater. All you have to do is drop them in and revel in a nice, long soak.

Hand Soaps

When you’re going about your daily tasks, there’s no reason why you can’t indulge in your most beloved Scentsy fragrances! Our new Layers Hand Soaps turn even the most menial chores into an experience of pure luxury. Cleaning up will soon become an event you look forward to with these skin-softening formulas.

Suncare Lotion

Now you can feel the luxury of our Layers collection even when you shield your skin from the sun. Use our new Layers Suncare Lotion in Rio Beach or Havana Cabana, at SPF levels of either 15 or 50 to indulge in a nourishing tropical experience.

Lip Balm

Now you can pamper your lips just as much as you pamper the rest of your body, with our new Layers Suncare Lip Balm. Indulge in the tropical flavors of Havana Cabana or Rio Beach as you protect your lips with SPF level 15.

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