Introducing Scentsy Layers Cost-Saving Bundles

Scentsy has long been striving to bring a wealth of irresistible scents to every part of your life with our many products. As lovers of delicious aromas ourselves, we want to give our customers the opportunity to explore fragrances and make them their own. When developing our Layers line, we aimed to meet each of these goals, and boy have we succeeded! With the Layers collection, you can enjoy your favorite aromas in various innovative ways. Save up on these revolutionary products by purchasing our Cost Saving Bundles.

Scentsy Shower Gels 3 Pack
Can’t decide between our many delicious layers fragrances? Now you don’t have to, with our convenient Cost Saving Bundles. Save a buck and enjoy the refreshing experience of three different wonderful aromas every time you shower when you purchase this handy multi-pack.

Scentsy Shower Gel 6 Pack
If you can’t imagine going without a single one of these scrumptiously scented shower gels, you can now purchase them all at once and save money while doing it! With this Cost Saving Bundle, you’ll get six Shower Gels for the price of five.

Scentsy Shower Cream 3 Pack
We don’t blame you for wanting to stock up on this wonderfully luxurious Shower Cream. Its rich formula and lustrous scent make every shower a pampering experience. With this Cost Saving Bundle, you can get three of your signature scent, or explore by selecting three different aromas.

Scentsy Shower Cream 6 Pack
After you try washing with one of our luxurious Shower Creams, you’ll never want to be without them! This incredible Cost Saving Bundle allows you to try each one of our Layers fragrances, or simply stock up on your signature scent. With this pack, you’ll get one Shower Cream completely free!

Scentsy Hand Cream 3 Pack
One of the most fun features of our Layers collection is the ability to mix fragrances, creating your own unique aromatic experience. Mix things up while softening your hands with this Cost Saving Bundle of three lushly aromatic hand creams.

Scentsy Hand Cream 6 Pack
As with all other Scentsy products, you love to have them around in all of the places you like to enjoy delicious aromas. By purchasing this handy Cost Saving Bundle, you’ll have enough Hand Creams to store everywhere, such as your locker, desk, bathroom and more.

Scentsy Body Butter 3 Pack
When your skin needs some serious therapy, you’ve got to make sure you’re stocked up on the finest moisturizing products Scentsy has to offer. When you buy this Cost Saving Bundle, you’ll receive three containers of our richly formulated, hydrating body butter at a discount price.

Scentsy Body Butter 6 Pack
If you’re addicted to pampering your skin, then you surely can’t get enough of our intensely hydrating and lusciously scented Body Butter. With this Cost Saving Bundle, you can indulge in six Body Butters in your favorite aroma, or combine various scents from our Layers collection.

Scentsy Body Spray 3 Pack
With a collection full of so many wonderfully inspiring scents, we understand why it’s hard to pick just one! Get three of your most beloved Layers fragrances by purchasing this Cost Saving Bundle of utterly refreshing body sprays. You’ll love having multiples to suit your every mood!

Scentsy Body Spray 6 Pack
Refresh yourself with every fragrance from our remarkable Layers collection by purchasing this Cost Saving Bundle of Body Sprays. You can choose to receive all six of our delicious aromas, or stock up on your favorites. At the discount price, you’ll get six for the price of five!

Scentsy Solid Perfume 3 Pack
Sometimes, a girl just knows when she’s found a scent that’s all her own. Now you can stock up on your signature fragrance while saving money when you buy this convenient multi-pack of three Solid Perfumes. You can also select different fragrances if you wish to mix things up from time to time.

Scentsy Solid Perfume 6 Pack
When we released our line of Solid Perfumes, we knew that they would revolutionize the world of personal fragrance. With so many captivating aromas to choose from, we can’t blame you for wanting to try each one! You can choose all six scents and get one of them for free with this multi-pack.

Scentsy Washer Whiffs 3 Pack
Once you experience doing laundry with our innovative Washer Whiffs, you’ll never want to wash your clothes with anything else! Stock up by purchasing this handy multi-pack of three Washer Whiffs so that you can have deliciously smelling clothes for many loads to come.

Scentsy Washer Whiffs 6 Pack
If you’re serious about bringing fresh, inspiring fragrance to every domain of your life, then you’ll certainly want to stock up on our remarkable Washer Whiffs. With a pack of six, you’ll get to enjoy many loads of dazzlingly fresh laundry.

Scentsy Dryer Disks 3 Pack
With Scentsy, your body and home already smell delicious. Now, we’ve made it possible for your clothes to exude luscious fragrance as well with our amazing Dryer Disks. When you buy this three pack, you’ll benefit from as many as 90 loads of alluringly aromatic laundry!

Scentsy Dryer Disks 6 Pack
Would you believe us if we told you that you could get as many as 180 loads of deliciously fragranced, static-free laundry for only $35? Well you better, because now we’re offering that very deal with this remarkable Cost Saving Bundle of six Dryer Disks!

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