Introducing Scentsy Sunkissed Citrus Scent

The day is bright and beautiful, leaving you no excuse to stay indoors. Why not mix things up and give the family a chance to have some outdoor fun by visiting a local citrus grove? As you all pile into a rustic farm wagon, you’ll gaze upon the rows and rows of colorful citrus trees. With the sun shining down upon each leaf and the aromatic fruits, you’ll all get a beautiful lesson in how the fresh, delicious produce is grown with care. Picking your share of crisp, sun sweetened fruits, like tangy oranges, sour lemons, tart limes, and sparkling grapefruits, will fill you with energy and inspiration from nature.

If you wish to surround yourself with the scent of this rich harvest, treat yourself to any of our Sunkissed Citrus Scentsy products. You’ll have a myriad of items to choose from, giving you plenty of options for enriching your life with this invigorating aroma. Try our Sunkissed Citrus Scentsy Bar and our shimmering Room Spray to give your home a zesty air. Our Layers by Scentsy collection will let you make Scentsy Sunkissed Citrus your signature fragrance, while our Scent Circle allows you to bring it wherever you go.

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