Introducing Scentsy Sweet Pea & Vanilla Scent

Of all the charming stories you were told as a little girl, the one that dazzled you the most was the fairy tale of little Thumbelina. Born from inside the petals of a flower, this miniature maiden was coveted by all who saw her. Escaping the clutches of toads, beetles, and moles, the graceful Thumbelina took flight upon a bluebird’s wings to find her destiny. At the end of her travels, a dashing fairy prince revealed to her the joy of true love.

Remember the feelings of magic and wonder you had when listening to this fantastic tale by using our Sweet Pea & Vanilla Scentsy products. This subtle floral scent will make you feel as if you yourself have found a home amid the petals of spring’s bright blooms. Purple, pink, and white sweet pea flowers offer their lush, feminine aroma as the fragrance top notes. Sun ripened raspberries and creamy vanilla creates a sweet and sensual base. You can try Sweet Pea & Vanilla in many forms, including our lusciously fragranced Scentsy Bar, Room Spray, Scent Circle, Travel Tin and Scent Pak.

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