Scentsy Warmers Lampshade Collection

Cast a dramatic glow with the Lampshade Collection. Stunning and colorful hand-blown glass vases rest on antiqued warmer bases, projecting lustrous patterns and warm rays. Every Lampshade Collection Warmer is exquisitely crafted to shine a whole new light on your personal fragrance experience.

Blue Diamond Shade Scentsy Warmer

Our Blue Diamond Lampshade Scentsy Warmer has a bottom rim of dark bronze that contrasts boldly against the delicate body of gleaming blue diamond embellishments. Their opalescent finish catches the light in a way that deepens the indulgent blue hue. A glassy Warming Dish up top adds even more chromatic richness.  A stunning addition to our Lampshade Collection of Scentsy Warmers.

Cream Tulip Shade Scentsy Warmer

A gently swaying Warmer body sits upon a metallic bronze pedestal of our Cream Tulip Lampshade Scentsy Warmer. Its curvaceous silhouette is complemented by the creamy white marbled texture. This softness is exchanged for glitz however, when the Warmer light is activated and the faded spots glow with a glamorous sparkle.  A wonderful addition to our Scentsy Lampshade Collection of Scentsy Warmers.

Gold Tulip Shade Scentsy Warmer

Our new Gold Tulip Lamp shade Scentsy Warmer is the embodiment of vintage seduction. A sensually curving form sits atop a metallic bronze base. The Warmer body’s finish of smooth glowing amber is all the more entrancing when lit up with gilded sparkles.  A dramatic addition to our Scentsy Lampshade Collection of warmers.

White Crackle Tulip Shade

Refined and elegant, choose the White Crackle Tulip Shade when you want to make a confident statement. Tastefully sculpted with shapely curves, the understated crackle texture on the shade mellows the illumination beautifully. Crisp black trim defines the top creating a total effect that is classic as a Chanel suit.

Seafoam Fluted Shade Scentsy Warmer

Imagine the cool, tranquil color of tropical waters, infused with light and your favorite Scentsy fragrance. The Seafoam Fluted Shade Scentsy Warmer brings elegance and a little vintage-steeped flair to your home with illumination from within.

Amber Fluted Shade Scentsy Warmer

Scentsy products are made to delight all the senses, which is why gorgeous warmers like the Amber Fluted Shade prove to be so popular. This antique-inspired illuminated warmer features a golden-flecked glass shade and deep bronze hued accents at the top and bottom. This warmer offers a sweet vintage twist for your home’s decor.

Parlor Scentsy Warmer

Imagine how awe inspiring the first modern light bulbs must have been a more than a century ago and celebrate this giant step towards universal electrification with the Parlor Scentsy Warmer. Set atop an industrial concrete base, the glowing filament still fascinates, and the clear but greyed glass surrounding the bulb holds a minimalist saucer on top to melt the Scentsy fragrance you fancy.

Argh, Matey! Pirate Ship Scentsy Warmer

A pirate’s life is in store for all with Argh, Matey! Pirate Ship Warmer from Scentsy. Bright, bold and engaging, this brave boat crests the swells of the briney deep, the Jolly Roger flying to signal all some swashbuckling fun is happening here. Load up with some fresh and frisky Scentsy cubes and the ocean will be under your little one’s command.

Under the Sea Mermaid Scentsy Warmer

Set the scene for lovers of enchanted underwater adventure when you flip the switch on the Under the Sea Mermaid Scentsy Warmer. Add a few cubes of kid-themed Scentsy bars and wait for your little ones’ imaginations to begin spinning stories of deep sea drama. Playtime is richer and dream time blissful when swimming with these beauties of the coral reef.

Scentsy Amber Ombre Shade

Beautifully subtle, the Scentsy Amber Ombre Shade Warmer sends light through a variegated path of colors and textured glass, resulting in a warm and gentle glow. The glass shade trends from pale, transparent gold up through a dark bronze at the upper, beaded metal rim. Crackled glass adds an old fashioned feel.

Scentsy Cream Diamond Shade

A lovely Scentsy offering, the Cream Diamond Shade Warmer sends sparkling light throughout your room, an elegant beaded metal rim and smooth metal base in bronze securing the faceted shade. Instantly enhance the look of your living or dining areas or add some magic to the master bedroom with this beautiful warmer.

Scentsy Quill Warmer

Lit from within with our exclusive Edison light bulb, the Quill Lampshade Warmer is inspired by the pennings of an earlier, gentler time. This fanciful quill could have been the writing instrument of a poet or a scrivener of times gone by, now at home with you scenting your world with grace and beauty.

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