Find A Scentsy Fragrance Easily

Finding the right fragrance for your home is easy when you have Scentsy’s amazingly diverse selection to choose from. Customization certainly doesn’t stop there, though, and Scentsy’s signature warmers are the best way to continue building a scent experience that’s 100% you!

As the brand has grown by leaps and bounds over the years, new Scentsy warmer designs have evolved to complement complex fragrance blends and nearly any décor theme imaginable. From subtle countertop accessories to dazzling centerpieces that come alive with light to warmers that fit snugly in nearby outlets, your favorite fragrance is never more than a flick of a switch or outlet away.

Are you curious to learn more about this veritable treasure trove of warmer designs? Who wouldn’t be! Here’s a peek at what’s waiting to be discovered, claimed and showcased in your own home alongside your Scentsy bar stash:

Lampshade Scentsy Warmer

The right lampshade provides ambience, color and “feel” each time you illuminate it, and Scentsy Lampshade Collection warmers are no different. These cheerfully-lit designs are crafted of translucent and opaque materials that make the most of the light beneath them, illuminating your favorite rooms while they spread delightful scent. Fabulous as decorations all on their own, the chic antique-like flair shared across these elegant designs also lend themselves to pairings, much like classic sconces or vintage vases.

Placement Tips: Welcome your family and friends into your home by placing a Lampshade Collection warmer on an occasional table by the door. The illumination will help them hang hats and coats in dim evening light and the smell will encourage them to relax, kick back and enjoy.

Shadow Scentsy Warmer

Versatility is a key feature of Scentsy’s wildly popular brand, and the Scentsy Shadow Warmer Collection takes it to a whole new level. This collection begins with a warmer that’s stunning all on its own, with a choice between a classic frosted glass or a more contemporary “linen” texture for a more rustic feel. From there, a user can slip special insert metal-cutout cylinders inside. Once assembled, the effect is an ethereal “floating” image as the light inside filters through the insert and displays as shadows on the frosted or linen-look surface.

Placement Tips: Sneaking a little “me” time in is never easy, but with a Shadow Collection warmer near your favorite chair, it gets a little bit easier. Unwind and try a little meditation once your busy day winds down – pair these warmers with a relaxing scent bar and use them as a nightlight in your bedroom.

Silhouette Scentsy Warmer

The Scentsy Silhouette Collection turns the Scentsy shadow collection inside-out, placing the metal insert on the exterior of the warmer. This placement offers intriguing possibilities, which show in sculpted 3D wraps adorned with birds, butterflies and more. In addition, this collection features punched-design cylinder wraps that have all the quaint charm of antique lanterns with modern themes. The golden glow of holiday ornaments and grinning Halloween pumpkins celebrate the changing seasons, while intricate pierced patterns illuminate the everyday with style.

Placement Tips: A quiet conversation in the living room with friends or a partner feels even more intimate with the glow of a Silhouette Collection warmer nearby. Choose a light, neutral scent to pair it with and tuck it on a mantle or end table for a welcoming atmosphere as the sun sets.

Gallery Scentsy Warmer

The Scentsy Gallery Collection begins with smooth, sculpted ceramic warmer with rubbed-look edges that give them a rustic artisan feel. A frosted, illuminated square on the front looks wonderful all on its own, but the real magic happens when you add one of the dozens of special attachments, called frames, to it. Both the warmer fronts and the back of the frames are magnetic, allowing them to easily click into place and swap out on a whim. Frames use two effects to showcase the light beneath them – either a metal sculpt or cutout design reminiscent of the Shadow Warmer Collection and the Silhouette Warmer Collection or a stained glass-effect that tints the light for a gorgeous display.

Placement Tips: Much as the name implies, the Gallery Warmer Collection is meant to be seen and appreciated. Turning the special illuminated window towards a “high traffic” area like a hallway or foyer will help you get the biggest design impact when it comes to your home’s visitors.

Campus Gallery Warmer

Whether your school spirit comes from fond memories of your own alma mater or support for a child or loved one currently attending, Scentsy Campus Gallery warmers help you display it. This special “sub-collection” is chock full of beautiful stained glass-look designs that celebrate colleges nationwide. Featuring antique-style designs, school colors, fonts and mascots, each frame is a rallying cry that unites college sports fans and alumni alike.

Placement Tips: The Campus Gallery Collection is perfect for accessorizing – pair it with a framed photo of your graduation or degree, or a picture of your loved one on campus and place it in a high-visibility spot. Alternately, stash it in your student’s bedroom to make between-semester visits that much more welcoming.

Premium Scentsy Warmer

If you want your warmer to sit proudly front-and-center in your home, the Premium Scentsy Warmer Collection is for you. While every Scentsy warmer is beautiful, those in this collection have been specially designed to stand out and make a fashion statement. Bold palettes and patterns, exotic patterns and eye-catching shapes combine to give you an artistic centerpiece that also delivers wonderful fragrance throughout your home. If you’re a fan of Scentsy products, you definitely won’t want to miss taking a peek at the latest additions to this collection!

Placement Tips: The Premium Warmer Collection has so many great designs, it’s hard to figure out where to put them all! No matter which room you choose to show off these sculptures-turned-fragrance-diffusers, be sure to give them the spotlight with a Scentsy stand, table runner or other visual accessory.

Deluxe Scentsy Warmer

If the Scentsy Premium Warmer Collection is the Cadillac of warmer designs, the Scentsy Deluxe Warmer Collection is like a sleek BMW – equally well-crafted with a eye towards modern comfort. These warmers are visually stunning, using subtle texturing and neutral palettes as a nod towards modern décor. From dens to kitchens, restrooms to guest rooms, they blend, mix and match so well you may be tempted to pick up a couple to place throughout your home.

Placement Tips: The subtle shapes, colors and patterns of the Scentsy Deluxe Warmer Collection make them ideal for quiet corners or counters, where they can warm your favorite bars without looking too flashy or bright. Try placing them alongside vases, soap dishes and other décor, where they’ll blend in perfectly.

Element Scentsy Warmer

Sometimes counter space is at a premium in a busy home, and finding a place for a beautiful Scentsy warmer isn’t as easy as it looks. The Scentsy Element Warmer Collection gives you the same ‘footprint’ of other warmers with a shorter height that’s ideal for tight spaces, like counters with low-hanging cabinets. The silhouette of these warmers is wider, with rounded edges that echo the warmth of welcome in your home. Designs in this collection make fantastic gifts, as they fit in multiple ‘warmer staging areas’ without an issue.

Placement Tips: Tuck an Element Collection warmer along the back of your kitchen counter, where it can still be seen and enjoyed without getting “underfoot” while you cook. These broad-dished warmers also fit in perfect in guest bathrooms, where they can be turned on to welcome unexpected visitors in only a few moments.

Plug-In Scentsy Warmer

If you’ve ever wished that you could put a warmer in a room where there just isn’t space for it, the Scentsy Plug-In Warmer Collection is the solution you’ve been searching for. These designs come in bright, cheerful patterns for children’s rooms, bold colors for a pop of style in bathrooms or kitchens, and soothing neutral hues for guest rooms. A flick of a switch illuminates the wall behind them and starts warming the dish above to spread Scentsy goodness throughout the home. Whether you select several of the same to incorporate a whole-home theme or mix and match designs and Scentsy scent bars from room to room, you’ll love how versatile these fun little warmers can be! If you’re a diehard fan of a certain Scentsy fragrance, you can also easily take one of these warmers on vacation to fill your hotel room, cabin or condo with the comforting scent of home.

Placement Tips: The Plug-In Warmer Collection from Scentsy is the most versatile line of warmers – essentially, all you need to use them is a regular electrical outlet! Naturally, you’ll want to choose outlets that are waist-high or above, if possible, so that you can enjoy both the design and scent of these pretty home fragrance accessories.

Getting to Know Your Scentsy Warmer

All Scentsy warmers use a wired internal lightbulb to heat a special dish above the warmer’s body. This dish is filled with cubes of your favorite Scentsy fragrance bars that melt into a scented pool. The beauty of Scentsy is that you can mix and match these cubes to create your own customized scent blends, trade out scents from day to day, or simply continually simmer your favorite to create a signature home fragrance. Many Scentsy fans like highlighting holidays with special bars – varieties with pine notes or spice for winter, for example – to add a festive ambience. If you’d like to trade out scents, simply wait for the wax in the warming dish to cool and harden, pop it out and start fresh with a new bar. If you’re having trouble removing old wax, wait until the warming dish is room temperature and pop it in the freezer for an hour or two – this will help the wax further harden. Then, wait for the dish to warm back up to room temperature before placing it on the warmer and enjoy using it with your new scent selection.

Fabulous, Fun and Limited Edition

Each month, Scentsy releases a variety of themed products for its fans. Special warmer designs commemorate everything from charitable causes to holidays, and are offered alongside fragrance blend bars that highlight gorgeous scent notes, often with a seasonal twist. If you’re considering buying your first warmer or adding one to an already-impressive collection, these fun monthly offerings are the perfect place to start your search. If you see a monthly design you like, snag it while you can – many of them are limited edition and will be retired once stock sells out or a new design is introduced!

Building Your “Scent Staging Area”

If you’ve decided to add a Scentsy warmer to your home, you’re ready for the (other) fun part – deciding where to put it. A countertop is an great choice in a kitchen or bathroom, not only for access to heat-safe surface but for proximity to storage spaces for extra fragrance bars. Tucking your Scentsy bars near the towels or dishcloths will also give the room an extra burst of scent, even when your warmer is turned off – now that’s smart scenting! If you’d like to accessorize your new purchase, Scentsy stands also allow you to raise your warmer up a little, whether it be to safeguard the surface beneath the warmer or showcase a special illuminated wrap or pattern.

Scentsy Warmers: The Safe Fragrance Choice

Scentsy is a great “wickless” alternative to candles, which pose an obvious fire risk and can cause safety issues around children and pets. To use your Scentsy warmer, be sure to place it on a heat-safe surface at a safe distance away from other objects, with at least a few inches of “breathing room” on all sides and above. As with any appliance, be sure to keep cords away from water, little hands or mischievous paws to prevent accidents or spills. Once your warmer is turned on, avoid touching the warming dish – a good rule of thumb is to wait until the liquid wax has re-solidified to test if the surface temperature is safe for picking up.

Clean, Long-Lasting and Flameless

A Scentsy warmer also won’t put out any soot or ashes, making it a cinch to keep clean. An occasional wipedown with a damp paper towel is all it takes to keep them looking fresh and new, year after year. Why spend money on a jar candle that literally sends your money up in smoke? Try a Scentsy warmer and discover a visually beautiful, safe and cost-effective way to add incredible fragrances to your home.

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