Author: Jenn Burton

What’s In The Scentsy Products Catalog?

The Scent Girl: Scentsy Products and Fragrances The Scent Girl offers a complete collection of Scentsy products, from fragrances and Scentsy warmers to scentsy bars. We understand the distinct effect fragrances have on people. It has the power to bring back various memories and easily turn any experience from dull and ordinary to simply extraordinary….

Introducing Scentsy Solid Perfume

Now you can indulge in your favorite Scentsy fragrances while maintaining a level of balance that is the mark of true feminine sophistication. Our eight captivating scents are luscious, but never overpowering, so you’ll always be the picture of pure class and refinement. Learn more: Luna Scentsy Solid PerfumeDreaming of having the same enchanting…

Introducing the Scentsy Warmers Gallery Collection

University of Michigan Gallery FrameShow your Wolverine pride with this beautifully rendered gallery frame and Scentsy Gallery Collection warmer. Decked in the proud school colors of yellow maize and azure blue, the translucent Michigan “M” is surrounded by stained glass-like patterns that look beautiful in your warmer’s light. Just click this panel into your warmer…

Scentsy’s Shadow Warmer Collection Highlights New Looks

Simply sublime, the Scentsy Shadow Collection highlights many new and exciting looks; clean and linear styling allows Scentsy to shine. One shade features a pearly pink frosted look, warming the illumination as the Scentsy fragrance fills the air. The other showcases the open weave of fine linen in the shade, offering a sportier look. Accessorize…

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