Introducing Scentsy Buddies

downloadNile the Crocodile Scentsy Buddy

Hey there, Nile the Crocodile! This Scentsy Buddy flashes the biggest smile, reaching all the way up to his friendly eyes, beaming an eager request for a Scentsy squeeze. Zip in your chosen Scentsy Pak and snuggle up with this cheerful croc, his fleecy scales in kelly green and lemon-lime.

Bandit The Horse Scentsy Buddy

Ready to ride the open range with your little cowboy or cowgirl, Bandit the Horse Scentsy Buddy is outfitted for a life on the trail, a black polka dotted bandanna at the ready for a quick disguise. This galloping guy has a dappled, pinto coat, an upstanding mane and inquisitive eyes on the lookout for fun.

Bubbles the Octopus Scentsy Buddy

Ready for fun all day and for snuggles at sleepy-time Bubbles the Octopus invites your favorite little scuba diver to adventures under the sea. Purple legs and body in silky soft nubby chenille are accented with red, two adoring eyes following every move, waiting for another Scentsy Pak fragranced hug.

Bernie the Buddyfly Scentsy Buddy- Butterfly

Bernie the Buddyfly Scentsy Buddy is the most accepting of flying fellas, ready for a hug or just to hang out. A friendly, smiling face and soft body, legs and arms in blue and black is highlighted with yellow antennas and blue lined black wings that are ready to flap into any new adventure.

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