safari scentsy buddies

Introducing Safari Scentsy Buddies

safari scentsy buddiesYour child’s favorite group of cuddly pals have some new members! The original  Scentsy Buddies have retired, making room for six new Buddies on the team, and all of them hail from the jungles and savannahs of Africa. Our new Safari Buddies Collection features a delightful gathering of adorable faces from the land of adventure.

Your little one will love to take one of these new friends out on their daily explorations. If they love running through the fields, free as can be, they’ll adore lively Chika the Cheetah. Those who love to daydream and imagine will find a companion in Jamu the Giraffe. For tykes that need strong protectors, Gambi the Gorilla and Halla the Hippo will stand guard with comfort and care. Kids that have a knack for humor and hijinks will be giggling with glee when you give them Havi the Hedgehog or Zuku the Zebra. There’s a Safari Buddy for every personality. Click on each Buddy to get to know them a little better and find the perfect match!

Don’t forget, all of our Scentsy Buddies have a hidden pocket for storing our deliciously fragrant Scent Paks. Give your child even more happiness by pairing their new Buddy with their favorite Scentsy aroma.

Chika the Cheetah
Speeding through the plains of the Serengeti, Chika the Cheetah is quite a sight! If you’ve got a little racer who needs a pal, Chika is the perfect match. They’ll have tons of fun running through the playground, and lying down for a nice rest and cuddles when they’re all tuckered out.

Gambi the Gorilla
Give your little one a guardian who will always be by their side, ready to offer comfort and protection in the form of a big, soft hug. Gambi the Gorilla is a gentle giant who will look out for your child at all times, and never let them go without a reassuring snuggle when they need it.

Halla the Hippo
Help your child learn the “hakuna matata” way of life by having them befriend Halla the Hippo. This happy-go-lucky Safari Buddy always knows how to look on the brighter side of things, making her a great companion for when your tyke needs a bit of perking up.

Havi the Hedgehog
Give the mischievous little prankster in your home the perfect partner in crime with Havi the Hedgehog! Known as being the biggest practical joker of the Safari Buddies, Havi always has ideas for hilarious hijinx and the cutest gags.

Jamu the Giraffe
Jamu the Giraffe has quite an imagination, which makes him the best storyteller in the Safari Buddy gang. He’s always keen to tell about what dreamy new tales he’s come up with, which makes him the best pal for lulling your children to sleep during bedtime.

Zuku the Zebra
The resident comedian of the Safari Buddies, Zuku the Zebra spends every day thinking of new ways to make his friends laugh. Your child won’t be able to hold back their giggles when they see silly Zuku up to his usual goofiness and antics.

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