White Tea & Cactus Layers Shower Gel


You’ll find that the gentle green notes of sweet cactus juice lull you into a state of full relaxation, while a subtle blend of eastern white tea blossoms will help both your body and mind release all burdensome impurities.

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Who knew that a place so dry and arid as the desert could actually be blooming with fresh, green fragrance? Bring the unexpected verdance into your daily shower with our calming White Tea & Cactus Shower Gel. You’ll be soothed by peaceful notes of lush cactus juice and subtle tea flowers, allowing you to start the day fully enlightened. Use this understated fragrance whenever you need calm guidance to a new state of clarity.

Enjoying the quiet serenity of an uninhabited desert doesn’t mean that you have to skip out on the hydration. Bring all of the hushed, arid peace of the badlands into your shower with our demure and refreshing White Tea & Cactus Shower Gel. Light and crisp, this clean scent is as pristine as windswept dunes that inspired it. You can make this naturalistic aroma all the more vivid by building upon your Shower Gel with our other specially formulated Layers products.