Sugar Room Spray


The smell of candy mixed with the excitement of the fair – if there’s anything that can make a ‘kid’ of any age positively giddy, it’s the scent of sugary goodness.


Celebrate the yummy days of yesteryear with this one-of-a-kind blend that brings the summery sweetness of carnival treats to your home. Are you searching for a uniquely scented room spray? Our Sugar Room Spray is a lemon drop-tart, cotton candy-sweet unexpected twist of childhood candy shop dreams in a convenient mist for your home.

Scentsy has taken the alluringly sweet fragrance notes of a county fair midway and transformed them into something sweetly perfect. Sugar room spray features wisps of airy cotton candy that dance with sweet, tart notes of lemon drop candies in a fragranced ode to the sweet toothed young at heart. Playful and surprisingly complex, this blend of sugary notes is the perfect addition to the soft mist of Scentsy room spray – you’re sure to smile as this scent wafts through your home.