Candy Corn Scentsy Warmer


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Our Candy Corn Scentsy Warmer gives you the perfect way to celebrate the sweet side of Halloween. Shaped just like the real candy, this Warmer stands tall, with a Warming Dish Cover, bright bands of color, embossed curls, striped ridges, and a fun message of “Trick or Treat”.

Every October, you can’t help but get excited thinking about all the delicious morsels you’ll be enjoying come Halloween. Of all the sweets and treats to be gotten, rich, buttery candy corns have always been your favorite. Indulge in their sweetness all autumn long by using our new Candy Corn Scentsy Warmer to fragrance your home.

Shaped just like the real candy, the conical base features bands of yellow and orange, topped by a white cap Warming Dish Cover, playful stripes n’ swirls, and a mischievous message of “Trick or Treat”.

The season’s most deliciously iconic candy can now fill your home with Halloween delight, in the form of our new Candy Corn Scentsy Warmer. The tall conical shape is colored by bands of yellow, orange, and white, then topped with a Warming Dish Cover and fun embossments.

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