Pink Mossy Oak Break Up Nightlight


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Satisfy both your adventurous spirit and your love of that feminine vibe with the Pink Mossy Oak Camo Nightlight, available to purchase today!

A shout out to all you ladies who love being active in the outdoors, the Pink Mossy Oak Break Up Nightlight strikes that balance between feminine and adventurous. Perfect for the tomboy, grown up or not, who still knows she’s a woman and likes to bask in a daybreak pink light while scanning through the trees for today’s excitement.

This compact Scentsy plug in packs a big wow factor, the intense rosy hue and the highly detailed tree and leaf motif engaging and unique. Start planning your “woman cave” decor with these features in mind, recalling those mornings when you watched the fingers of pearly pink light deepen into coral just before the sun rose. Doesn’t matter if you viewed it from your duck blind, deer stand or the deck of a cozy cabin with a steaming cup of coffee, the elemental feel is the same — a new day full of possibilities. Keep optimism and the hunger for new vistas close as you warm your Scentsy in this captured moment.

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