Scentsy Upon A Star Nightlight Warmer


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Twinkle and shine, the Upon A Star Nightlight Warmer sprinkles stardust throughout your family’s slumber, sweet dreams in the offing.

Count your wishes instead of sheep with the Scentsy Upon A Star Nighlight Warmer, the pale pink shade featuring rows of glittering stars just waiting to help find the path to dreamland. Whether glowing in your room or twinkling in your children’s sleeping spaces plug in the wall, load in the Scentsy and drift off to sweet slumber.

Softly but effectively urging your little ones off to sleep, Scentsy’s Upon A Star Nightlight Warmer weaves a gentle tapestry of glowing lights like a faraway galaxy across the bedroom walls and ceiling. Place some relaxing Scentsy cubes in the warmer and lull even the crankiest off to rejuvenating slumber, the worries and care of the day gone and replaced with pleasant dreams. Treat yourself to one of these pale pink scented plug ins and watch the stars glimmer as you, too, drift off to some well deserved and needed rest, floating on a cloud of delicately fragranced Scentsy.

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