Crinkle Nightlight Scentsy Warmer


The Crinkle Nightlight plug in’s crisp white body and slightly crumple-edge pattern resembles the delicate charm of a slightly crinkled letter fresh from the post.

Keeping up with your pen pal as a child used to be one of the things you most looked forward to. Modernity may have made the art of letter writing obsolete, but its nostalgic spirit can live on in your home with this pretty Crinkle Nightlight Plug In Warmer. Pair it with scents like Vanilla Cream or Baked Apple Pie to release nostalgic comfort into the air.

Do you remember the days when keeping in touch didn’t happen on a screen, but rather, on a piece of paper scribbled with the handwriting of a loved one? You always cherished the exciting moments when you’d open your mailbox to find a carefully sealed letter just for you. In it would contain shared memories, musings, and even trusted secrets between the best of friends. Unfortunately, those days seem to have faded into the past, but you still maintain your love for the simple art of letter writing. Pay tribute to your vintage tastes with our Crinkle Nightlight Plug In Warmer.

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