Zebra Nightlight Scentsy Warmer


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Take a style hint from the African plains and snag this fun zebra print nightlight Scentsy warmer for your home. You’ll love its playful contrast!

Does your style run wild? Take your home decor for a romp across the Savannah with this cheerfully contrasted zebra print plug-in nightlight warmer. Trimmed in solid black at the bottom and inside the warmer bowl, it offers an exciting, energetic pattern for that room that needs a “little something” extra to stand out.

Streaks of zebra stripes turn this classically-shaped plug-in warmer into a wild work of art! Glossy black and polished white mingle in a nature-inspired pattern that adds energy and a little tongue-in-cheek fun to your favorite spaces. Pop in your favorite Scentsy fragrance and enjoy the look and illumination of this “wild” home decor.

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