Vintage Glass Nightlight Warmer


Surround yourself with the soft glow of light shimmering through antique glass with our Vintage Glass Nightlight Plug in Warmer. Order yours today!

Harken back to the time when beautiful hand made globes shielded the candle or gaslight, the rays broken into shimmers casting a gentle glow when you plug in the Vintage Glass Nightlight Warmer by Scentsy. Patterns sweep around the shade in diamonds, waiting for you to complete the ambiance with some carefully considered cubes of Scentsy fragrance.

Whether you are decorating a home that has stood for more than a hundred years or if you simply love the look and feel of eclectic antiques the Scentsy Vintage Glass Nightlight Warmer will fit in perfectly. The diamond patterning moves around the shade, each space containing a cross, grid or sunburst that catches and refracts the light. A pineapple motif can be seen with sharp blade-like leaves topping a stylized fruit, a common symbol of hospitality in early American decorating. Drop in a few fragrant Scentsy cubes, flip the switch and let the heirloom ambiance infuse your cozy surroundings.

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