Sand Dollar Nightlight Scentsy Warmer


From the soft taupe color to the light-filled ovals in the front, this sand dollar-inspired plug-in nightlight warmer is perfect for beach lovers and shore decor enthusiasts.

Love the beach so much you wish you could take it home? Now you can, thanks to this cleverly-designed nightlight warmer from Scentsy. Made look like a real sand dollar, the glossy finish and three pierced ovals are perfectly matched with a delicate star design in the center. Just add your favorite Scentsy fragrance and enjoy!

This plug-in Scentsy nightlight warmer celebrates the best beachcombing find – a delicate, beautiful white sand dollar. Glossy and off white, it uses design details like oval cutouts and a white-painted star design in the center to mimic its seashore inspiration. Turn it on, watch it glow and smile with fond memories of sand beneath your feet.

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