Mission Oak Scentsy Warmer


Elevate the style of any room by decorating it with our new Mission Oak Scentsy Warmer.

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Turn any room of your home into a vision of effortless sophistication, just by displaying our new Mission Oak Scentsy Warmer. Its smooth cylindrical form has been laminated with a dark wood grain print, giving it a look of natural classiness. A smooth, rounded base is laid over with a luxurious print of dark wood grain, accented by a subtle row of glowing circle cut-outs.

When it comes to decorating your home, you have high standards of style. Instead of furnishing the rooms with distracting designs and various knick knacks, you prefer to keep things simple and elegant. Your home’s style is all about minimalism and effortless sophistication. This fashion philosophy inspired the design of our new Mission Oak Scentsy Warmer. A clean cylinder silhouette makes up the Warmer body, while a lamination of dark, sumptuous wood grain is accented by a refined row of shining circle cut-outs.