Key Largo Nightlight Scentsy Warmer


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Keep the feeling of that summer vacation in paradise by using our new Key Largo Plug-In Scentsy Warmer.

You’ll feel like you’re still lounging amid the tropical waters of your summer vacation destination when you use our new Key Largo Plug-In Nightlight Scentsy Warmer. Its simple base is covered in a gloss of cool blue, then cut through with lines of waving surf. Its design is inspired by the warm tropical waters of your exotic destination, with a base covered in a glossy sea blue and cut out with waving current lines.

When you head off on your summer vacations, one of the things you look forward to most is lounging in the warm waters of a tropical sea, with nothing in sight but the sandy beach. There’s no feeling more relaxing, and no feeling you’d love to keep with you more. Hold on to that sensation always by using our new Key Largo Nightlight Scentsy Warmer. Its small size gives you the ability to bring a bit of paradise to even the tiniest spaces in your home. Its base is covered in a gloss of cool sea blue, and cut out with lines of ocean waves.

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