Silvervine Nightlight Scentsy Warmer


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The Silvervine Nightlight’s intricate curves and ivy leaf swirls delicately bind over a glittering layer of beaded metal.

Just because mythical Middle Earth lies tucked away in the pages of Tolkein’s novels doesn’t mean that you can’t bring the beauty of its world into your home. When you plug our compact Silvervine Warmer into any wall outlet, even the smallest of spaces will begin glistening with the splendor of elven craftwork.

The moment you gaze upon its graceful artistry, you’ll find your imagination travelling to the breathtaking kingdom of Rivendale, where the elves’ opulent architecture and art was renowned for its splendor. Any room that is bestowed with Silvervine’s filigree will flourish with an ethereal air that will surely whisk you away to a realm of celestial allure.

Even if you don’t find yourself immersed in the fantastical world of Tolkein’s Middle Earth, there’s no denying that the splendorous kingdom of Rivendale took your breath away with its beauty. Bring the enchantment of the elves into any space with our glistening Silvervine Plug In Nightlight. We recommend using this elegant Plug In to activate our most fantastical scents, such as Enchanted Mist or Pixie, to bring the land of legend to life!

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