Frosted Lilac Nightlight


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Try a little cool, diffused light with the Frosted Lilac Nightlight from Scentsy in the bathroom, nursery or hallway, scent and light in one compact package.

Circular etched lines surround the shade of the Frosted Lilac Nightlight, emitting a gentle, diffused light while sharing the delights of aromatic Scentsy cubes. A light purple hue infuses the light with a little mystery, bathing the area with a cool and soothing lilac ambiance. Delicate but a little rustic.

Looking as though it was custom made for your home, the plug in Frosted Lilac Nightlight from Scentsy easily finds a place in many rooms of your house. The opaque light purple shade casts a glow when switched on that is just what is needed to navigate to the kid’s room to deal with a nightmare or the bathroom to deal with life’s essentials. Very welcoming in a guest room or the front hallway, this light not only illuminates but also scents your home beautifully. A great choice wherever space is at a premium, offering a lot of practicality in a very small footprint.

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