French Lavender Room Spray


The rich, meditative scent of true wild lavender lends your home an air of grace in this true-to-life fragrance spray. Bring the hills of Provence inside your front door!


The rolling hills of France’s Provence are home to some of the world’s most renowned lavender, and now you can bring them inside your own home with this relaxing scented, French Lavender Room Spray. There’s no need to cultivate fields of rich soil in your home – this herbal-scent-infused treat is like a deep breath of heady florals.

If you close your eyes and breathe in, you can almost see hill after French hill of gorgeous dusty purple lavender. This single-note scent is ideal for lovers of this strongly-fragranced flower, which promotes a sense of harmony and well-being in aromatherapy. Spray the cares of the day away with this lovely French Lavender Room Spray.