Classic Satin Black Scentsy Warmer


The Classic Satin Black Warmer from Scentsy is a sleek and stylish way to enjoy your favorite fragrances. This warmer is made with a high-quality ceramic material and features a smooth black satin finish. Simply add your favorite Scentsy wax bar and enjoy the warm, inviting aroma. Perfect for any room in your home!

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Introducing the Classic Curve Warmer – a timeless design that started it all for Scentsy and even influenced our signature clamshell wax bar packaging. With its simple and elegant shape, it’s now available in multiple neutral hues at an affordable price. Decorate every room with one! The 25W warmer melts wax with a low-watt bulb or element, infusing your space with fragrance without flame, smoke, or soot. With over 100 designs, including mini warmers, made from high-quality ceramic, glass, and metal, handcrafted by artisans worldwide, and a lifetime warranty, Scentsy is a must-have for fragrance lovers. Choose from over 80 fragrances arranged in families for easy browsing.