Henna Scentsy Warmer


A celebration of exquisite designs used for centuries and to this day to beautify and decorate the skin, the Henna Scentsy Warmer features a kaleidoscope of classical patterns.


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Thousands of years have perfected the techniques, and Scentsy now offers a warmer to honor this ancient art and inspire all to walk in beauty. Display the multi-layered renditions of fantastical flowers, enjoy the illumination and breathe deeply of Scentsy’s fragrance, an incense of a different kind.

The personal beautification art form perfected over hundreds of generations can be enjoyed in your own home on your own terms and time when Scentsy Henna Warmer finds a place of honor. Gorgeous traditional floral designs circling this warmer compete for attention, lit from within and scented sweetly from Scentsy.