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Mellow Moment Scentsy Bar

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The light and airy aroma of our new Mellow Moment Scentsy Bar will give you a feeling of instant calm.

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The worries of the day will all melt away when you curl up with our new Mellow Moment Scentsy Bar. Inspired by a soothingly steamy cup of tea, this scent holds calming notes of herbal chamomile, crisp apple, and gently floral orange blossom.

You don’t need to head off to an expensive spa retreat to get the relaxation you need. All you have to do is light up our new Mellow Moment Scentsy Bar in your go-to Scentsy Warmer and let all of your worries fade away. This scent is inspired by the soothing properties of a hot and steaming cup of golden chamomile tea. As it is sipped, you can taste the light herbal flavor being accented by the juiciness of crisp apple, and a floral element of gentle orange blossom. A cup of freshly brewed chamomile tea has its herbal essence brightened by notes of crisp apple and soft orange blossom petals.