Tilia Scentsy Warmer


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Its sleek design marries the caressing lines of the natural world with a bold and contemporary look that is perfect for modern spaces.

Bring the stark beauty of bare branches characteristic of the later seasons into your home with our minimalistic Tilia Mid Size Warmer. Its chic, simple design combines the elegance of nature with the boldness and sensibility of graphic, modern style. Use it with our new fall fragrances to celebrate Mother Earth’s rest. If you’re looking to bring some of the rustic elements of fall into your home, use this warmer.

“Tilia”, it sounds like such an elegant name, one fit only for the beauty of nature herself. This name belongs to the graceful trees that reach up high in the air, as if attempting to kiss the sky. As a new addition from our Fall & Winter collection of products, this graphic warmer displays a silhouette of a Tilia tree bare and leafless, contrasting starkly against the clean white ceramic base.

Use this warmer with scents such as Hemingway or Ace to fill any room with deep, rich aroma that appeals to both genders. You’ll love that Tilia’s compact size makes it suitable for a minimalistic home style.

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