Introducing Scentsy Weathered Leather Scent

Some of the fondest memories of your childhood include the many afternoons you’d spend snuggled beneath your father’s arm, watching yet another one of his favorite old western shows. All the black and white classics were on his watch list, including Gunsmoke and Bonanza, but the one you both loved the most was Rawhide. Seeing stern trail boss Gil Favor keep the aptly named Rowdy Yates and other ramrods in line proved to be plenty of fun.

Now it may be years since the cattle drive has ended, but you can still relive those memories by using any of our Weathered Leather Scentsy products. Enjoy the feelings of nostalgia yourself, or even treat dear old Dad to more western good times by trying all of them out. Activate our Scentsy Bar in your Scentsy Warmer and spritz our Scentsy Room Spray to fill your home with the rugged air of the dusty trail, or hang our Scent Circle in your car to make it feel like you’re riding out on the rough and tumble plains. Using our Scentsy products will make the essence of saddle leather, oil, and saloon oak wood your signature fragrance.

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