Introducing Sugar Cookie Scentsy

Scentsy Sugar Cookie Scent

You’ve always abided by the health-minded mantra “You are what you eat.”, but if that’s truly the case, then what’s so wrong with being a scrumptious sugar cookie? You’d always be the sweetest around, and everyone would adore you. In fact, they wouldn’t be able to resist you!

If that still doesn’t convince you to splurge a little when it comes to your diet, you can indulge in the deliciousness of these tasty morsels without any limit or guilt, just by using our Scentsy Sugar Cookie Scent products. You’ll never have to worry about going overboard. You simply can’t, no matter how often you savor the delightful flavor that is carried in all of our Sugar Cookie items. Your whole home will smell like an enticing bakery when you light up our rich, mouthwatering Scentsy Bar in your Warmer. It contains notes of creamy golden butter, confectioner’s sugar, and smooth vanilla. This sweet scent also comes as a yummy Sugar Cookie Scentsy Room Spray, Scent Circle, and various Layers personal care products.

Available to purchase seperately, or in our mix and match Discounted Scentsy Bundles.

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