Introducing Skinny Dippin’ Scentsy Scent

In the years of your childhood, it was always the summers that held the most fun. Without having to worry about going to school or doing homework, you were able to spend every day with your friends getting into all kinds of trouble. You’d get into plenty of hijinks by day, but the real mischief came at night. During the countless sleepovers, you’d all think of the most outrageous dares for each other. You’ll never forget the most radical: sneaking out to the pond and diving in for a night of skinny dippin’ beneath the moonlight! Such innocent childhood memories never fail to bring a smile to your face, so why not indulge in that cheerful nostalgia whenever you can? By using any of our Scentsy Skinny Dippin’  scented products, you’ll be able to enjoy the glee of those wild summers at any time you wish. The fragrance is light and playful, composed of tart green apples, juicy sweet pears, and a medley of cool melons. It comes in many forms, including our Skinny Dippin’ Scentsy Bar, Room Spray, Scent Circle, and numerous Layers personal care products.

You can purchase Scentsy Skinny Dippin products individually, or in of our Discounted Scentsy Bundles.

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